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Pulau UM, Distrik Mabon, Sorong

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My next destination:
Pulau Um, located in Distrik Mabon, Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia.

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Garmisch-partenkirchen, Germany

snow 1 °C

A tranquil place to spend holiday. Eventhough there is nothing to see in this small town, but if you just want to spend time this place is worth to stay.

The Owner is Joseph, and he's a very nice German medium-aged man. He promised to pick up from the train station if I come again next time and stay in this hotel. The owner call it Guest house, or Gastehaus in German. He named his guest houses with his wife and daughter name, Christina and Sonneschein

Try to stop by, the address is:

Gastehaus Christina
Burgstrabe 61
82467 Garmisch-partenkirchen
Telp. 08821/ 2375 or 1334. fax 54210

the another guest house that also belongs to Joseph.
email: hr@gaestehaus-sonnenschein.de

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Stay in Velesin, Czech Republic

snow 15 °C

This time we are heading to Ceske Budijovice from Austria. Passing Velesin we stayed in historic Pension and Restaurant called Konka. When I looked at the brochure I didn't understand the language (in Cezch and German), but I tried to find the oldest date mention in this leafleat. I think this place was dated to 1807 with the first time used by wood cutter and his family. But I'm not so sure about the history.

If you passby this city, try to reach this place-staying or just trying the restaurant. This building is on the interconnecting road to Ceske Budojovice with wide empty land surrounding. I felt like passing 40's war area.

The address is on Holkov 18, 382 32 velesin, Czech Republic.
telp/fax. +420/380331197
email: konska@seznam.cz or bbl@wo.cz

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